Skandmata | Skanda Mata Day Five of Navratri

Fifth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Fifth day of Navratri, Fifth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Fifth Form of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is worshipped as Skanda Mata. Skandmata is the fifth form of Goddess Durga. Mata is mother and Skandmata would mean mother of Skand. Skand is none other than Lord Karthikeya who is also known as Lord Muruga, Kumara Swamy. Lord Skanda is the commander of the army of the Gods. Lrod Skanda was responsible for killing the demon Tarakasura and others. Killing of Tarakasura and others is celebrated as Skanda Shashti in Southern India.

 Appearance of Skandmata or Skanda Mata

 Skandmata or Skanda Mata appears with four hands and is seated on a Lotus. As Skandmata is seated on a Lotus she is also known as Padamasani ( Padma + Asani). Skanda Mata has a white complexion. Skandmata appears to hold two lotuses in two hands. One had would be supporting the child Lord Skanda and the other one is raised to bless the devotees.

Skanda Mata would kill the evil or demons by battling them on her vehicle Lion. The vehicle of Skandmata represents Dharma.

 Other Names of Skanda Mata or Skandmata

Skandmata is also known as Parvati, which is derived from the word Parvath. Skanda Mata is the daughter of the Mountain king or Parvat Raja and hence known as Parvati.

Goddess Skandmata belongs to the Gaur Varnaa and hence known as Goddess Gauri.

Goddess Skanda Mata married Lord Shiva known as Maha Deva and hence known as Maheshwari.

 Benefits of Worshipping Skandmata or Skanda Mata

Devotees who worship Skandmata are freed from all their miseries and sorrow. They would be blessed by Goddess Skanda Mata and all their sins will be burnt off. Sadhaks will reach the Visuddha Chakara by concentrating on Goddeess Skandmata. By reaching the Vishuddha Chakara and the mind would be calm and peace.

Mantra of Skanda Mata or Skandmata

 Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Skanda Mata Rupena Samsthitha

Namstas aye Namstas aye Namstas aye Namo Namaha.

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