Significance of Shravan Month

Significance of Shravana Masa

Shravana month is called as Shravan because the star on the Purnima of this month is Shravana. The month is called with the name of star (Nakshatra) on the full moon day or Pournami.

The goddess, responsible for wealth,prosperity, happy married life is Goddess Lakshmi. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu. The birth star of Lord Vishnu is Shravana and hence this is one of the favorite months of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that by praying to Lord Vishnu in Shravan month would fetch them a lot of happiness and blessings of the Lord. Since Shravana Month is favorite to Vishnu it is also a favorite to Goddess Lakshmi. To seek the blessings of goddess Lakshmi one has to worship her in the Month of Shravana.

Shravan month is an embodiment of wealth, happiness and prosperity. It is also a favorable month for Marriages and other functions. Hence one should keep their homes neat. One should also put Rangoli in front of their houses. As a tradition, one should also put Turmeric and Kumkum to the door foots (Gadapa). It is believed that Goddess Laskhmi would like to reside in a house with Rangoli in front and which is neat and clean inside.

This month is also auspicious of Lord Shiva.

The following are the significant festivals that are celebrated:

Shravan Somavaram:

The Mondays(Somavaram) of Shravan Month  are one of the favorite days of Lord Shiva. Devotees fast on the four Mondays of this Shravan Month and do Abhishekam to Lord Shiva reciting Namakam and Chamakam. It is believed that worshipping Lord Parvati with Kum Kum on this day, women will never be widowed.

Mangala Gauri Vratham:

For all the Mangala(good things) Goddess Gauri is  responsible. It is believed that by performing Mangala Gauri Vratham, married women would not be widowed and would be blessed with a happy and prosperous married life. Girls who are not married would be blessed with good husbands. It is believed that Goddess Gauri resides in all the Mangala(one that are symbols of good) things like flowers, sandalwood paste,Turmeric,Kum Kum,scents, wick that is lit using cow ghee etc. Hence other married women are welcomed on this day and are disturbed the above things. While offering them the above thing, women believe as if they are offering it to the Goddess Gauri herself.

Naga Panchami:

It is one of big festivals in India. It is believed that by worshipping the Snake  by the people with problems like who are not getting married because of Kuja Dosha , people who are having gynaec problems (problems with womb) would be solved.

Bhanu Saptami:

It is believed that by worship the Sun on this day one would be blessed with health and fitness.

Putrada Ekadashi:

It is believed that people used to observe the Putrada Ekadashi Vrat for children. It is advised to donate umbrella on this day.

Damodara Dwadasi:

On this day reciting Vishnu Sahasranama and other related poems of Lord Vishnu  is advised. One would be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

Rakhi Poornima or Jandhyala purnima:

This day a Brahmin has to change his sacred thread called Jandhyam. Rakhi Poornima also marks the day of the relationship of Brother and Sister.


The birthday of Lord Krishna is also in Shravana Month. It is advised to worship Lord Krishna on this day and offer milk, curd,butter as Naivedyam .

Kamika Ekadashi:

It is believed that the wishes of devotees are granted, if one observes the Kamika Ekadashi vrat. One should donate Butter on this day. This donation would get better results than any other donation to the donor.

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