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Importance of Pushya Masam, Rituals during Pushya Masam, Pusya Masa Mahatyam, Paush Masa Importance

What is Pushya Masam or Paush Masa?

Pushya Masam is the tenth month as per the lunar calendar. In the Pushya Masam, the sun would transit in the northern direction and from then onward the Uttarayana Punyakalam starts. The uttarayana starts with the most famous festival of Makara Sankranti.

When is Pushya Masam or Paush Masa?

All the months of the lunar calendar are named after the star that would be present on the full moon day of the month. The star that is associated with the Moon on the full moon day is Pushyama and hence the name Pushya Masam. The month before Pushya Masam is Margasira Masam. The Month after Pushya Masam is Magha Masam.

Significance of Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

In Pushya Masam the framers would get the money for the crops that they have grown with a lot of care and effort. This month would bring money to the homes of many. So Pushya Masam is also known as Soubhagya Laksmi Masam.

A lot of spiritual significance is associated with the Pushya Masam. Though Pushya Masam is considered as Sunya Masam, means that Pushya Masam is not suitable for Marriages, Gruha Pravesh or House Warming etc as there will be no good Muhurats.

Pushya month is good for performing Pujas and other normal rituals. Pushya Masam is also good for pleasing the ancestors.

The Purnima or Pournami of Pushya Masam has a great importance for those who want to study Vedas. Pushya Pournima or Pushya Purnima is considered as the best day to start Veda Adhyayana or study of Vedas.

Presiding God of Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi or Laxmi is the Presiding God of the Pushya Month. They are worshipped in the name of Laxmi Narayana.

Satrun is the ruling planet for Pushya Masama and Bruhaspati  or Jupiter is the Nakshatra Devata.

Temples to be visited during Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

Devotees should visit the temples of Lord Vishnu and worship Laxmi Narayana. Devotees should also visit the temples of Lord Shani or Planet Saturn as he is the ruling planet for Pushya Month.

Rituals during Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

Normally devotees would perform the Nadi Snan or Bath in river during the Sankramanam. This Sankramanam is celebrated as Sankranti and lots of people would get together at Allahabad, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain.

Festivals in Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

The famous Makara Sankranti would fall in the Pushya Month.

The famous Paryaya Festival is celebrate at the Shir Krishna temple of Udupi. This Paryaya festival is celebrated once in two years.

Aradhana of Sri Narahari Teertha the second disciple of Sri Madhvacharya is observed in Pushya Masam.

Puja in Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

Performing the Shani Tailabhishekam on the Amavasya of Pushya Masam is considered to reduce the effect of Satrun.

Devotees should worship Goddess Laxmi in the form  of Dhanya Laxmi and Dhana Laxmi in Pushya Masam.

Donations in Pushya Masam or Paush Masa

It is advised to  do Vastra Danam  which means donation of clothes and Tila Danam which means Donation of Tilas.

Vastra Daan and Anna Dan on Paushya or Pushya Amavasya is said to reduce the bad effect of Satrun or Shani.

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