Significance of Karthika Masam

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Karthika masam or month is one of the most auspicious month in a lunar calendar. The lunar calendar has been divided into two parts Dakshinayana and Uttararyana. Karthika Masam comes under Dakshinayana. Out of the two ayanas Dakshinayana is set aside for Sadhana. Sadhana means a process by which one would get salvation. Out of all the months in Dakshinayana Karthika Masam is best suited for Sadhana. Hence Karthika Masam is one of the most auspicious months of the lunar calendar.

 The most important significance of the Karthika Masam is that, Karthika Masam is auspicious to both the devotees of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Vishnu. During Karthika Masam temples of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are busy with devotees thronging both the temples. Karthika Masam helps us to understand that Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are not different but only one.

 Sivasya Hrudayum Vishnuhu, VIshnusya Hrudaygaum Shiva

Etha Shivamayor Vishnu, EEvam Vishnu Maya Shivaha

During Karthika Masam it helps the devotee to understand and embrace within himself that there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and that both are one.

The Important Rituals of Karthika Masam or Karthika Month

 Lighting of Diya or Lighting a Lamp

During Karthika Masam diyas are lit and placed in front of Tulasi plant and near the main entrance of the house before Sun rise and just before Sun set. It is considered auspicious to lit a diya during Karthika Masam.

Temples would light a Diya and would bring the diya to the top of the Dhwaja Sthambam in the temple and tie it there on Karthika Purnima or Karthika Pournami. This diya is called as Akasa Deepam.

Karthika Pournami is celebrated in similar lines of  Diwali and the whole house is decorated with diyas. Crackers are burnt on Karthika Pournami.

Bathing in River or Nadi Snanam

Another important significance is bathing in river during Karthika Masam or Karthika Month. The rivers have received fresh water during the rain season comprising of Shravan and Bhadrapada Months. As the rivers over flow banks and are furious bathing in rivers during Shravana and Bhadrapada is prohibhited. The river completely settle by the time Karthika Masam starts.

Also the Moon during the Sharad Ruthuvu is a special one. Sharad Ruthuvu is known for the Moon light. Sharad Ruthuvu comprises of Ashwayuja or Ashwin month and Karthika Masam or Karthika Month. All along the Aswayuja Masam the river would absorb the energy from Moon by bathing in the river in Karhika Masam one can absorb this energy from the river. Hence it is mandated that one should take a bath in the river or perform Nadi Snanam in Karthika Masam.

The process of performing the Nadi Snanam is to close the nose with the two thumb fingers and close the ears with the middle fingers and take a dip so that the whole body along with the head is under the water. This has to be repeated for a  minimum of three times.

Vanabhojanalu during Karthika Masam

It is a common ritual that people would go out with families and friends to parks or nearby forests to have a dinner during the Karthika Masam or Karthika Month. These are known as Vanabhojanalu.

The process of how to observer Vanabhojanalu can be read at “ Vanabhojanalu”.

The process of puja to be performed during Vanabhojanalu can be read at “Vanabhojanalu Puja Vidhanam or Vanabhojanalu Puja Process“.

 Performing of SatyaNarayana Vrat

Deovtees of Lord Vishnu will perform the Satyanarayana Vrat during the holy month of Karthika Masam. It is belived that it performing of Satyanarayana Vrata on Karthika Pournami would help them to free themselves from all the sins.

Performing of Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam

Devotees of Lord Shiva would perform the Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam for the whole month of Karthika Masam to please Lord Shiva.

Karthika Somavara Vratam

Few devotees would observe a Karthika Soma vara Vratham. The normal process of Karthika Somavara Vratham would be to fast for the whole day, perform the Rudra Abhishekam by chanting the Rudra Namakam and Rudra Chamakam. Then eat after seeing the stars.

Nattalu or Natta Vratam

Nattallu or Natta Vratam is observed by the devotees. The process of observing Nattallu or Natta Vratam is to fast for the whole day and eat only after seeing the stars for the whole month of Kathika Masam. So only if this routine is followed for the complete month it is called as Natta Vratham or Nattalu.

The Ekadashi of Karthika Masam are very special and hence people would also obsever the Karthika Ekadasi Vrat.

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