Significance of Dhanurmasam

What is Dhanurmasam?, Importance of Dhanurmasam, Dhanurmasam Significance, Why Dhanurmasam is auspicious?

Dhanurmasam is a combination of two words, Dhanur which is a sun sign  Sagittarius and Masam means month. A month in which the sun enters the Sagittarius  and stays with it is considered as Dhanurmasam. As per Indian Astrology the sun stays with one of the sun signs every month. This month ends on the day of Bhog, just a day before Sankranti or Makara Sankranti. Dhanurmasam is a very auspicious month for Vaishnavites. Dhanurmasam lasts for 30 days and all these 30 days are most sacred for Vaishnavites. Special rituals and poojas are preformed to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Why Dhanurmasam is Sacred and Auspicious?

It is a belief in the Hindu tradition that any prayers that are offered to the God during the Brahma Muhurat or early morning before sun rise gives you high virtue. The timing itself is called as Brahma Muhurat. This timing would help the devotee to concentrate on his God thereby helping him to get closer to the Lord.

For Gods, 6 months of the year is equal to day (Uttarayana)and another six months are considered to be night(Dakshinayana). Dhanurmasam is the final month on which the night for the Gods ends or it is the Brahma Muhurat time for Gods. So worshipping the God on this timing is considered auspicious. Hence devotees would consider the month of Dhanurmasa the Brahma Muhurat timing for Gods to be Sacred and auspicious.

Rituals during Dhanurmasam

Reciting Tiruppavai, offering of flowers to Lord Vishnu and complete Surrender to Lord Vishnu are the three important activities that are observed by the Devotees of Lord Vishnu. Unmarried girls would place Gobbillu in front of the house on the Rangolis.

Tiruppaavai is a tamil word and the meaning of which is Tiru means Sacred and Pavai means Vrat. It is believed that  Goddess Goda Devi had written the Tiruppaavai in an old Tamil poetry writing style called as Paavai. Goddess Godadevi is also known by the name of Andal. The story of Goda Devi could be read “ Dhanurmas Vrat Katha” .

It is a ritual to clean the houses before sunrise. Water mixed with cowdung is sprinkled in front of the house and Rangoli would be made on it.

Devotees would make balls out of Cowdung and would keep them in the centre of the Rangoli and would decorate it with flowers. Before being kept in the centre they are worshipped. These are calle Gobbemma.

Gobbemma or Gobbillu are considered as incarnation of Goddess Gauri.

Rituals in Temples of Lord Venkateshwara:

Lord Vishnu is worshipped by the name of Madhusudhana in Dhanurmasam.

Even in Tirupati, Tiruppavai is read in place of Suprabhatam. Reciting of Thiruppaavai is the most important ritual in Dhanurmasam.

The Archana and other regular activites are completed before sunrise for the first fifteen days of the Dhanurmasama and for the remaining fifteen days Archana and other regular activities are performed after sunrise.

Vrat  observed during Dhanurmasa:

Katyayini Vrat, Dhanurmasa Vrat are the Vrats that are observed by ladies during Dhanurmasam.

Dhanurmas Vrat:

Dhanurmas Vrat is observed in Dhanurmas by unmarried women. More details of Dhanurmas Vrat can be read at   “Dhanurmas Vrat”

Benefits of Observing the Dhanurmas Vrat

It is believed that by observing the Dhanurmasa Vrat Goda Devi was able to get Lord Sri Vishnu as her husband. Hence it is believed that a lady who observes a Dhanurmasa Vrat would get a good husband.

Katyayini Vrat:

Katyayini Vrat was observed by Goddess Parvathi and achieved Lord Shiva as her husband. After the death of Dakshayani or daughter of Daksha during the Daksha Yagna, Goddess Parvati was reborn and observed the Katyayani Vrat.

Benefits of Observing Katyayani Vrat:

As stated above Goddess Parvati was able to get Lord Shiva as her husband by observing the Katyayani Vrat during Dhanurmasam. Hence it is believed that a lady who observes the Katyayani Vrat would a get good husband.

Temples to be visited during Dhanurmasam:

Temples of Lord Vishnu are to be visited every day.

What is to be Recited or Read on Dhanurmasam

Thiruppaavai is to be recited every day. Reciting of Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha Sahasranamam is beneficial.


A festival of Music is organized in Chennai during Dhanurmasam.

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