Significance of Aswayuja | Ashwayuja |Ashwini Masam

What is Aswayuja Masam ? , Importance of Aswayuja Masam , Ashwayuja Masam festivals , What is Ashwayuja Masam ? , Importance of Ashwayuja Masam .

Aswayuja Masam is named after the star Ashwini. If the star during the Purnima of the month is Ashwini it is called as Aswayuja or Ashwayuja Masam. Aswayuja Masam is the seventh month as per the Telugu Calender and this month is glorified as “ESHA” in Vedas.

There are a lot of fetivals in Ashwayuja Masam. The most important being Dassera and Deepavali or Diwali. Aswayuja Masam is more important for the followers of Durga Devi. Ashwayuja Masam is the best to worship the Goddess Durga. In all the Shakti Temples worshipping of Mother Goddess Durga starts from the first day of Aswayuja Masam.

From Ashwayuja sukla Padyami to Ashwayuja Sukla Dasami the nine forms of Durga are worshipped. In Vaishnava temples Goddess Laxmi is worshipped in the famous Ashta Laxmi or eight Laxmi forms.

The Navami Vratam, Jaya Vyapti Vratam, Atla Taddi which is one of the important Vratam are in Aswayuja Masam.

Kedara Vrat:

Kedara Vrat is observed on Bhadrapada Sukla Ashtami.  It is believed that Lord Parvati had obtained the half part of Lord Shiva by performing this Vrat.

The birthdays  of Sri Madhavacharya and Dhanvantri the doctor of Gods is in Ashwayuja Masam.

Pasankusa Ekadashi, Vishoka Dwadasi are also part of Aswayuja Masam. Pasankusa Ekadashi Vrat will help to overcome going to hell as it acts as a Ankush (an instrument used to control) on the Yama Pasham or the death rope. Hence it is known as Pasankusha (Pasa=rope, Ankusha=control) Ekadashi.

The Madana Dwadasi Vrat that is observed on Karthika Sudha Dwadasi, the initiation is done the Ashwayuja Sukla Ekadashi. This Vratam is good for happy married life for women.

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