Shravan Mangala Gauri Vratham

Shravan Mangala Gauri Vratham, Shravan Magala Gouri Vratham, Shravan Magala Gowri Vratham

Mangala Gowri Vratham

Mangala Gowri Vratham

The Shravan Mangala Gauri Vratham  as the name suggest is perfromed on the tuesdays of the Shravan month of the Telugu calendar. It is independant of the Thiti and the only condition is that it has to be performed on every Tuesday of the Shravan Month. This has to be continued for five years. After five years of completion, the vrat has a seperate conclusion process. The vrat is said to be complete only when a bowl consisting of 32 Arisalu(a telugu recipie) covered with a piece of cloth, along with Pasupu(Turmeric),Kum kum(vimileon), Magala Sutra, Mettelu(the one that is worn to the index finger of the foot) is given to a newly wed Women in the marriage(During Sthanipakam etc) itself.

It is performed by married women to have happy, long and prosperous married life. The first time when one wishes to perfrom the Vrat, it has to begin only in the house of the womens Mother(PUTTILLU). After that it can be continued at any convinietn place.Married women observe this Vrat with great devotion. The common process involves of giving Vayanam(which inovlves bengal gram, betle nut leaves, a fruit,flowers and the improtant thing Kajal or Katuka) to other married women.Women also prepare Jyothi made out of rice flour,jaggery. Five jyothis are prepared in this manner. It is believed that the first Vayanam has to be given to Mother only. On every Tuesday of the Shravan month , Vayanam has to be given to five married women. For some on each year the number increases by five. Like first year five, second ten women and finally onthe fifth year it would be twenty five. For few it is only five women in all the five years. The Jyothis have to be eaten by the one performing the Vrat or she can also distribute one Jyothi along with the Vyanam to other women.


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