Shattila Ekadasi Vrat Katha | Tilda Ekadasi Vrat Katha

Shattila Ekadasi Vrat Story, Tilda Ekdashi Vrat Story, Story of Shatilla Ekadasi, Story of Tilda Ekadasi, Shata Tila Ekadasi Vrat Katha

In the Satya Yuga, there lived a pious Brahmin lady. She was a great devotee and would spend her time by helping others and praying to God. She used to make a lot of donations and charity. She normally donated clothes, money, jewels and other materialistic items  to the poor. She had never donated food items to anyone for some reason or the other.

Lord Vishnu wanted to help his devotee and taking the form an old Brahmin he visited the house of the Brahmin lady. He stood in front of her house and he asked for some food to eat, as he was very hungry. The Brahmin lady  was busy and shouted back that she was busy and so cannot give him food.

The Lord was persistent and asked many times, this frustrated the Brahmin lady who came out with clay and offered that to the Lord who was in the form of the Brahmin. The Brahmin quietly accepted the clay and blessing her the Brahmin left the place.

After few days, the Brahmin lady practiced Dhyana and was able to get into deep trance. This was only possible because of her devotion to Lord Vishnu. In the trance she was able to visit all the Lokas and see what is happening there. Once she went to heaven and saw that there was a house, which was constructed with Gold. She enquired and found that, the house in Gold was being built for he. She was curious to look inside and went into the house. She was astonished at the way the house was being decorated. She could see a lot of chandeliers, Sofas, beds etc. She noticed that there was not even a single fruit on the dining table or anywhere else. She checked the kitchen and was astonished to see that there was not even a single food article. It was only gold and other jewels everywhere.

The lady was surprised and reached to the Lord Vishnu and prayed to him. Lord Vishnu was pleased and asked her the reason for being sad. The Brahmin lady narrated the whole incident and asked Lord Vishnu why there was not even a single food grain in the house. Why the Lord had been harsh on her despite she being generous in donating and doing other charity works.
Lord Vishnu replied that she had never donated even a single food grain and that was the reason that she was not even given a single food grain. The Brahmin lady prayed to the Lord Vishnu, and asked him to help her out. Lord Vishnu pleased with the prayers of his devotee showed her a solution.

He told her that, from that day onwards the wives of Gods would visit her. Once the wives of the Gods knock the door, instead of letting them in she should ask them to explain the Shatilla Ekadasi Vrat  or Tilda Ekadasi Vrat. She can allow them inside once they have done that and feed them. The Lord asked her to perform the Vrat which would help her to get food grains in the Golden house.

The Brahmin lady followed the advice of Lord Vishnu. In the month of Paush she was visited by the wives of the God and as advices she asked each one of them to explain who to perform the Shatilla Ekadasi Vrat or Tilda Ekadasi Vrat. Learning from them the Brahmin lady performed the Shatilla Ekadasi Vrat or Tilda Ekadasi Vrat in the month of Paush. By the virtue of performing the Shatilla Ekadasi Vrat or Tilda Ekadasi Vrat she was able to overcome her misery and her Golden house was filled with all types of fruits and other food grains.

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