Shani Pradosh 2027 Dates

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Pradosham, which is the thirteenth day of each paksha of hindu calender. If pradosh day happens to be Saturday, then it is called as Shani Pradosh. Fasting and observing Shani puja on the day, please the God Shani.

Saturday is dedicated to the God Shani. The dates of Shani Pradhosham for the year 2027 is given below. These dates may differ by a day according to location and other things.

20th  March 2027 –  Saturday –  Shani Pradosh –   Shukla Paksha

31st  July 2027 –  Saturday-  Shani Pradosh –   Krishna Paksha

14th August  2027 -Saturday –  Shani Pradosh –   Shukla Paksha

11th December 2027 – Saturday –  Shani Pradosh –   Shukla Paksha

25th  December  2027 -Saturday –  Shani Pradosh –   Krishna Paksha

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