Seemantham 2013 Dates

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Seemantham is performed for the Pregnant woman to protect her from evil spirits and from ill health during the pregnancy. This Sanskar is performed during the Fifth or seventh month during the pregnancy. Prayers are offered for the healthy physical and mental growth of the child.

Seemantham is also known as Godh Bharai (North Indian Hindus), Valakaappu (Tamil Hindus) and Seemandham (South Indian Hindus) in other parts of India. Here we are providing auspicious Seemantham dates for the year 2013. These are based on Telugu Pnachangam and for Hyderabad location.

15th April 2013MondayPanchamiMrugasheeraSimham03.25 PM
17th April 2013WednesdaySaptamiPunarvasuSimham03.12 PM
18th April 2013ThursdayAsthamiPushyamiKarkatakam
11.57 AM
03.08 PM
21st April 2013SundayEkadashiMukhaSimham02.55 PM
24th April 2013WednesdayChaturdashiHasthaSimham02.44 PM
25th April 2013ThursdayPurnimaChittaSimham02.40 PM
26th April 2013FridayPadyami SwathiKarkatakam11.25 AM
1st May 2013WednesdayShasthiUttarashadaKarkatakam11.05 AM
2nd May 2013ThursdayAstamiSravanamSimham02.12 PM
3rd May 2013FridayNavamiDhanishtaSimham
02.08 PM
03.46 PM
5th May 2013SundayEkadashiPurvabhadraSimham02.01 PM
11th May 2013SaturdayVidiyaRohiniSimham01.38 PM
19th December 2013ThursdayVidiyaPunarvasuVrushabham04.10 PM
26th December 2013ThursdayNavamiHasthaVrushabham03.43 PM

We are providing these things, only for the general idea. Please consult your local priest for exact time that suits for you and your location.

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