Sati Anasuya Jayanti 2013 Date

Sati Anasuya Jayanti, Anusuya Jayanti Date, When is Anasuya jayanti in 2013?, 29th April 2013

Sati Anasuya Jayanti is the celebration of birth anniversary of Anasuya. Anasuya is the wife of an ancient Indian sage named Atri. She is famous for her love, character and purity. women worship her for their marital bliss.

According to purnimant calenderss, Sati Anasuya Jayanti observed on  Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in the month of Vaishakh. According to Amavasyant calenders it falls it is celebrated on the krishna paksha chatruthi of the Chaitra month. This year, Anasuay Jayanti is on Saturday, 29th April 2013.

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