Sashti Viratham September 2012

Muruga Sashti Viratham September 2012 , Sashti Vrat September 2012 , Kumara Sashti September 2012, Sashti Vratham September 2012

Muruga Sashti Viratham date is 21st September 2012. This Sashti is also known as Surya Sashti.

The Sukla Paksha Sasthi of every month is observed as  Muruga Sashti. Muruga is also known as Karhthikeya, Kumaraswamy, Subramanya or Subramnin. Muruga is a famous deity in South India.

Devotees of Muruga, observe the Muruga Sashti Vrat to please Lord Muruga. It is believed that by observing the Muruga Sashti Vrat one can get rid of all his sins. Devotees would observe a fast during the day of the sashti and would visit the temple in the evening or perform a puja at their home. After performing the puja, the fast is broken.

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