Sashti Viratham August 2012

Muruga Sashti Viratham August 2012 , Sashti Vrat August 2012 , Kumara Sashti August 2012, Sashti Vratham August 2012

Muruga Sashti Viratham date is 23rd August 2012.

Sashti or Shashti is the sixth day of a Month. A month has two pakshas Sukla and Krishna Paksha each 15 day long. The sixth day of Sukla Paksha of every month is called as Muruga Sashti or Kumara Sashti. Therefore, a Sukla Paksha Sashti of every month is Muruga Sashti.

Muruga is a famous God in South India. There are ardent devotees of Muruga God who would observe a fast and perform the Muruga Sashti Vrat on this day. Devotees believe observing a fast on Murugu Sashti would free them of their miseries and would help them to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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