Sashti Viratham 2045 Dates

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Sashti Viratham Vrathams is Dedicated to lord skanda. Every month Sashti Viratham celebrated on Sashti Thithi of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksham). Though this vratham is celebrated every month, It is considered more auspecious in the month of Aippasi.

On Sashti Viratham day, Devotees will read Skanda Puranam, chant the hymns of Lord Muruga especially Sashti Viratham Kavacham . Special abhishekam, archanai, puja and deeparadhanai will be held. In some temples Laksarchanai (Laksha Archana) will be done to Skanda.

The list of 2045 Sashti Viratham dates table is given below. Depending on the location and time Sashti Viratham may differ by a day.

datedaySashti Viratham
24 January TuesdaySashti Viratham
22 February WednesdaySashti Viratham
24 March FridaySashti Viratham
22 April SaturdaySashti Viratham
21 May SundaySashti Viratham
19 June MondaySashti Viratham
19 July WednesdaySashti Viratham
17 August ThursdaySashti Viratham
16 September SaturdaySashti Viratham
15 October SundaySashti Viratham
09 November ThursdaySashti Viratham day 1
10 NovemberFridaySashti Viratham day 2
11 November SaturdaySashti Viratham day 3
12 November SundaySashti Viratham day 4
13 November MondaySashti Viratham day 5
14 November TuesdaySoora Samharam
15 November WednesdayTiru Kalyanam
14 December ThursdaySubrahmanyan shasti

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