Sashti Viratham 2031 Dates

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According to Hindu lunalr calender, Sashti is the sixth day of every lunar fortnight. The Shasti falling during the Shukala Pakshan is celebrated as the Sashti Viratham. On This day, Many devotees will observe fasts in varying forms. Some will take only fruits, some only milk and liquid foods, some take one meal a day, some only water. The devotees fast based on what they can observe. Sashti Viratham is celebrated as a six-day festival in the Tamil month of Aippasi

The list of 2031 Sashti Viratham dates table is given below. Depending on the location and time Sashti Viratham may differ by a day.

datedaySashti Viratham
28 January TuesdaySashti Viratham
26 FebruaryWednesdaySashti Viratham
27 April FridaySashti Viratham
28 March SundaySashti Viratham
27 May TuesdaySashti Viratham
25 June WednesdaySashti Viratham
25 July FridaySashti Viratham
23 August SaturdaySashti Viratham
22 September MondaySashti Viratham
21 OctoberTuesdaySashti Viratham
14 November FridaySashti Viratham day 1
15 NovemberSaturdaySashti Viratham day 2
16 November SundaySashti Viratham day 3
17 November MondaySashti Viratham day 4
18 November TuesdaySashti Viratham day 5
19 November WednesdaySoora Samharam
20 November ThursdayTiru Kalyanam
19 December FridaySubrahmanyan shasti

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