Sankranti Calendar 2050

Monthly Sankranthi Dates in 2050, Sankranti Dates in 2050

When Sun transits from one zodiac to the next is known as the Sankraman time. According to Hindu Solar calendar there are total twelve Sankraman times in a year. All these twelve Sankraman days called as sankranti days. Among all Sankranti days, Makar Sankranti is the most popular one and it is celebrated throughout India.

During the sankranti days, Daan and charity activities are considered auspicious.

Date Day Sankranthi Name
15th January 2050SaturdayMakar Sankranti
13th February 2050SundayKumbha Sankranti
15th March 2050TuesdayMeena Sankranti
14th April 2050ThursdayMesha Sankranti
15th May 2050SundayVrishabha Sankranti
15th June 2050WednesdayMithuna Sankranti
16th July 2050SaturdayKarka Sankranti
17th August 2050WednesdaySimha Sankranti
17th September 2050SaturdayKanya Sankranti
17th October 2050
MondayTula Sankranti
16th November 2050WednesdayVrischika Sankranti
16th December 2050FridayDhanu Sankranti

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