Sandhi Kaal, What is Sandhikhan?, When Sandhi Puja is Performed?

Sandhi means Junction. Sandhikhan means time of 48 minutes, on which people perform Sandhi Puja to Godess Chamunda. Chamunda is a form of godess Durga. Sandhikhan falls on the juncture of the 8th (Ashtami) and 9th (Navami) lunar days in waxing moon period of Ashwin Month. In the the 48 minutes, 24 minutes falls on the Ashtami and rest falls on the Navami.

In ancient times, When science is not developed, people used different type of methods in order to perform the Sandhi Puja on exact time. When the last 24 mins of the Ashtami puja are still left, a bronze bowl with a tiny hole was placed in a bucket full of water. The bronze bowl was made in such a way that, after exactly 24 minutes, bowl will submerge in the water. When the bowl was submerged in the water cannon balls were fired to announce the moment of Sandhi Puja. This method was very popular in many Rajbaris.

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