sakshatkara vaibhavotsavam srinivasa mangapuram


kalyanavenakteswara swamy

The annual sakshatkara vaibhavotsavam at srinivasa mangapuram will be celebrated for 3 days from june 24th  2012 till 26th june 2012.

The legend of sakshatkara vaibhavotsavam:

Once there was a priest by the name Sundararaja hailing from kanchipuram,Tamilnadu. He came to the Mangapuram village and said that lord Venkateshwara had come in his dream and has asked him to rejuvenate the old temple and bring back the past glory of the kalyana venkateshwara swamy by performing the daily routines of deepa,dhuupa and offerings.

The first pooja was performed on Ashada sudha shashti (the sixth day of start of ashada month), as was ordered by lord in the dream of the priest.

To mark this day the sakshatkara vaibhavotsavam  is being celebrated

On day one :

sthapana tirumanjanam is performed in the morning

then unjal seva in the evening and finally

tiruchi utsavam in the night.

Day two:

Hanumantha vahana seva in the evening

Day three:

Garuda vahana seva



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