Ritu 2027 | Indian Seasons 2027

Rutu, Rithu in Hinduism, Indian season dates in 2027 , Indian seasons and their zodiac signs

Ritu means season. According to Hindu calenders, we have six ritus in a year. Here are the duration and time periods of each Rithu for the year 2027 :

SeasonStart DateEnd DateZodiac Signs
Vasantha Ruthu19th February 202720th April 2027Meena and Mesha
Greeshma Ruthu20th April 202721st June 207Vrushabha and Mithuna
Varsha Ruthu21st June 202723rd August 2027Karka and Simha
Sarath Ruthu23rd August 202723rd October 2027Kanya and Tula
Haemantha Ruthu23rd October 202722nd December 2027Vruschika and Dhanu
Sisira Ruthu22nd December 202719th February 2028Makara and Kumbha

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