Ravi Yoga 2045 Dates

Ravi Yog 2045 Dates and Time, Ravi Yogam, When is Ravi Yoga in 2045?, Ravi Yoga 2045 calender

When the Sun is 4,6,9,10,13 and 20 Nakshatras away from the moon, then that Yoga is known as Ravi Yoga. Hindu scholars considered Ravi Yoga as very auspicious for performing house warming, buying car, real estate deals, starting of new work etc.

Here we are providing auspicious Ravi Yoga timings in 2045 for Hyderabad (India) Location.These dates and times may vary by region.

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
01st January 2045 Sunday 11:21 PM Next Day 06:51 AM
02nd January 2045 Monday06:51 AM08:31 PM
08th January 2045 Sunday05:21 AM Next Day 04:35 AM
21st January 2045 Saturday04:09 AM Next Day 06:52 AM
23rd January 2045 Monday09:13 AM Next Day 06:53 AM
24th January 2045 Tuesday06:53 AM07:48 AM
24th January 2045 Tuesday11:03 AM Next Day 06:53 AM
25th January 2045 Wednesday06:53 AM12:16 PM
27th January 2045 Friday12:30 PM Next Day 06:53 AM
28th January 2045 Saturday06:53 AM Next Day 06:52 AM
29th January 2045 Sunday06:52 AM09:50 AM
31st January 2045 Tuesday04:56 AM Next Day 02:00 AM
07th February 2045 Tuesday12:41 PM Next Day 06:49 AM
08th February 2045 Wednesday06:49 AM01:20 PM
19th February 2045 Sunday04:55 PM03:28 PM
20th February 2045 Monday04:40 PM Next Day 06:43 AM
21st February 2045 Tuesday06:43 AM05:57 PM
22nd February 2045 Wednesday06:44 PM Next Day 06:42 AM
23rd February 2045 Thursday06:42 AM06:57 PM
25th February 2045 Saturday05:44 PM Next Day 06:40 AM
26th February 2045 Sunday06:40 AM Next Day 06:39 AM
27th February 2045 Monday06:39 AM02:28 PM
01st March 2045 Wednesday09:49 AM Next Day 06:37 AM
02nd March 2045 Thursday06:37 AM07:15 AM
08th March 2045 Wednesday10:52 PM Next Day 06:32 AM
09th March 2045 Thursday06:32 AM Next Day 00:21 AM
22nd March 2045 Wednesday00:18 AM Next Day 00:23 AM
24th March 2045 Friday00:06 AM11:27 PM
26th March 2045 Sunday09:15 PM Next Day 06:18 AM
27th March 2045 Monday06:18 AM Next Day 06:17 AM
28th March 2045 Tuesday06:17 AM06:03 PM
30th March 2045 Thursday02:19 PM Next Day 06:15 AM
31st March 2045 Friday06:15 AM12:28 PM
31st March 2045 Friday05:01 PM Next Day 06:14 AM
01st April 2045 Saturday06:14 AM10:46 AM
07th April 2045 Friday10:51 AM Next Day 06:09 AM
08th April 2045 Saturday06:09 AM01:09 PM
20th April 2045 Thursday06:04 AM Next Day 05:04 AM
22nd April 2045 Saturday03:54 AM Next Day 02:37 AM
24th April 2045 Monday11:57 PM Next Day 05:57 AM
25th April 2045 Tuesday05:57 AM Next Day 05:57 AM
26th April 2045 Wednesday05:57 AM09:18 PM
29th April 2045 Saturday06:01 PM Next Day 05:54 AM
30th April 2045 Sunday05:54 AM05:23 PM
07th May 2045 Sunday00:07 AM Next Day 03:03 AM
19th May 2045 Friday10:38 AM Next Day 05:47 AM
20th May 2045 Saturday05:47 AM08:50 AM
21st May 2045 Sunday07:03 AM Next Day 05:25 AM
24th May 2045 Wednesday02:44 AM Next Day 05:46 AM
25th May 2045 Thursday05:46 AM Next Day 05:45 AM
26th May 2045 Friday05:45 AMNext Day 05:33 AM
29th May 2045 Monday00:32 AM Next Day 01:05 AM
05th June 2045 Monday01:53 PM Next Day 05:45 AM
06th June 2045 Tuesday 05:45 AM05:00 PM
17th June 2045 Saturday02:46 PM Next Day 05:46 AM
18th June 2045 Sunday05:46 AM12:28 PM
19th June 2045 Monday 10:24 AM Next Day 05:47 AM
20th June 2045 Tuesday05:47 AM08:40 AM
22nd June 2045 Thursday06:25 AM09:21 AM
23rd June 2045 Friday05:58 AM Next Day 05:48 AM
24th June 2045 Saturday05:48 AM Next Day 05:48 AM
25th June 2045 Sunday05:48 AM06:24 AM
27th June 2045 Tuesday08:35 AM Next Day 05:49 AM
28th June 2045 Wednesday05:49 AM10:19 AM
05th July 2045 Wednesday03:07 AM Next Day 05:51 AM
06th July 2045 Thursday 05:51 AM05:51 AM
06th July 2045 Thursday09:00 AM Next Day 05:51 AM
07th July 2045 Friday05:51 AM08:05 AM
16th July 2045 Sunday07:05 PM Next Day 05:55 AM
17th July 2045 Monday05:55 AM04:38 PM
18th July 2045 Tuesday02:35 PM Next Day 05:55 AM
19th July 2045 Wednesday05:55 AM01:02 PM
20th July 2045 Thursday08:27 AM12:03 PM
22nd July 2045 Saturday11:57 AM Next Day 05:56 AM
23rd July 2045 Sunday05:56 AM Next Day 05:57 AM
24th July 2045 Monday05:57 AM02:15 PM
26th July 2045 Wednesday06:31 PM Next Day 05:58 AM
27th July 2045 Thursday05:58 AM09:12 PM
04th August 2045 Friday04:42 PM Next Day 06:00 AM
05th August 2045 Saturday06:00 AM06:02 PM
15th August 2045 Tuesday00:04 AM09:49 PM
16th August 2045 Wednesday08:06 PM Next Day 05:00 AM
17th August 2045 Thursday07:02 PM Next Day 06:03 AM
18th August 2045 Friday06:03 AM06:41 PM
20th August 2045 Sunday08:14 PM Next Day 06:04 AM
21st August 2045 Monday06:04 AM Next Day 06:04 AM
22nd August 2045 Tuesday06:04 AM Next Day 00:24 AM
25th August 2045 Friday06:10 AM Next Day 06:05 AM
26th August 2045 Saturday06:05 AM09:18 AM
03rd September 2045 Sunday01:08 AM Next Day 01:33 AM
13th September 2045 Wednesday06:03 AM06:51 PM
14th September 2045 Thursday04:22 AM Next Day 03:20 AM
16th September 2045 Saturday03:03 AM Next Day 03:36 AM
19th September 2045 Tuesday06:59 AM Next Day 06:08 AM
20th September 2045 Wednesday 06:08 AM Next Day 06:08 AM
21st September 2045 Thursday 06:08 AM12:36 PM
23rd September 2045 Saturday06:51 PM Next Day 06:09 AM
24th September 2045 Sunday06:09 AM09:45 PM
02nd October 2045 Monday07:14 AM Next Day 06:10 AM
03rd October 2045 Tuesday06:10 AM06:54 AM
13th October 2045 Friday12:34 PM Next Day 06:12 AM
14th October 2045 Saturday06:12 AM12:32 PM
15th October 2045 Sunday01:18 PM Next Day 06:13 AM
16th October 2045 Monday06:13 AM02:52 PM
18th October 2045 Wednesday07:55 PM Next Day 06:14 AM
19th October 2045 Thursday06:14 AM Next Day 06:14 AM
20th October 2045 Friday06:14 AM Next Day 02:07 AM
23rd October 2045 Monday07:37 AM Next Day 06:15 AM
24th October 2045 Tuesday06:15 AM09:41 AM
24th October 2045 Tuesday09:54 AM Next Day 06:16 AM
25th October 2045 Wednesday06:16 AM11:14 AM
31st October 2045 Tuesday 11:34 AM Next Day 06:18 AM
01st November 2045 Wednesday06:18 AM10:39 AM
11th November 2045 Saturday10:35 PM Next Day 06:23 AM
12th November 2045 Sunday06:23 AM11:44 PM
14th November 2045 Tuesday01:36 AM Next Day 04:05 AM
17th November 2045 Friday10:07 AM Next Day 06:26 AM
18th November 2045 Saturday06:26 AM Next Day 06:27 AM
19th November 2045 Sunday06:27 AM03:53 PM
20th November 2045 Monday00:07 AM06:06 PM
22nd November 2045 Wednesday08:34 PM Next Day 06:29 AM
23rd November 2045 Thursday06:29 AM08:50 PM
29th November 2045 Wednesday02:56 PM Next Day 06:33 AM
30th November 2045 Thursday06:33 AM01:34 PM
11th December 2045 Monday10:13 AM Next Day 06:41 AM
12th December 2045 Tuesday06:41 AM12:29 PM
13th December 2045 Wednesday03:13 PM Next Day 06:42 AM
14th December 2045 Thursday06:42 AM06:17 PM
18th December 2045 Monday02:55 AM Next Day 06:44 AM
19th December 2045 Tuesday06:44 AM Next Day 06:04 AM
22nd December 2045 Friday06:14 AM Next Day 05:19 AM
28th December 2045 Thursday06:11 PM Next Day 06:49 AM
29th December 2045 Friday06:49 AM09:48 AM
29th December 2045 Friday04:32 PM Next Day 06:49 AM
30th December 2045 Saturday06:49 AM03:12 PM

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