Ratha Saptami 2039 Date

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Ratha Saptami 2039

Ratha Saptami 2039

The Magha Sukla Paksha Saptami is celebrated as Ratha Saptami. This is the seventh day of the waxing moon phase of the month of Magha as per Telugu Calendar. Ratha Saptami will be celebrated on  Monday, 31st January, 2039.

On Ratha Saptami the following rituals are to be followed:

1)Early head bath before sunrise has to be done.

2)While bathing Ekka or Jilledu or Arka leaves are to be placed on seven different parts of the body, two shoulders,two thighs, one chest, one on the back, one over the head and recite the following sloka “ Sapta Sapta Maha Sapta, Sapta Dweepa Vasundhra, Saptaarka Parnamaadyaa, Saptami Rahda Saptami”.

3)After the bath all the family members should pray to sun God, while boiling milk over flows. The milk should overflow for three times.

4)With the remaining milk cook Parvanam and offer it as Naivedyam.

5)Rangoli of Ratha is made on Ratha Saptami in front of houses.

6)Observing a fast on this day is considered to be auspicious.

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