Rama Navami 2041 Date

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Rama Navami 2041

Rama Navami 2041

The ninth day of the waxing moon phase of the Chaitra month of the Telugu calendar or Chaitra sukla paksha Navami is observed as Rama Navami. Rama Navami of this year will be celebrated on Tuesday, 9th April, 2041.

Rama Navami is the day when Lord Shri Rama and Sita were married. In some places it is believed that Rama Navami is the day when Lord Shri Rama was born. In South India, marriage to the Lord Shri Rama and Sita are performed in all the temples of Lord Shri Rama. The famous being the marriage conducted at Rama Temple of Bhadrachalama. Even the goverement of Andhra Pradesh would send some minister or sometimes the chief minister himself would offer silk clothes and pearls to the Lord Rama on the occasion of the marriage at Bhadrachalam temple. All the devotees of Lord Rama would visit the temples near by and temples at Ayodhya and Pondicherry are filled with lot of devotees of Lord Shri Rama. Paanakam (a drink prepared by adding Jaggery and Pepper to water) and Kosambari (prepared from pieces of Coconut, Soaked Moon Dal, Banana) is offered to the Lord and distributed among the devotees. Many local organizations would perform the marriage of Lord Shri Rama and Sita in the cities and towns.

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