Rama Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Ram Ekadasi Vrat Katha, Rama Ekadasi Vrat story, Rama Ekadashi Vrat story.

Once there lived a king by the name of Muchukund. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and strictly followed the Ekadashi Vrat. He made sure that all the people in his kingdom also followed the Ekadashi Vrat. With the effect of the Ekadashi Vrat all the people in his kingdom lived happily.

Muchukund had a daughter by the name of Chandra Bhaga. Muchkund got his daughter married to a handsome prince by the name of Shobhan who was the son of Chandrasena. Once Shobhan along with his wife ChandraBhaga visited the father in laws kingdom. One of the day during his stay in the palace of Muchukund was Rama Ekadashi and as per the rule in the kingdom everyone has to follow the Ekadashi Vrat.

Shobhan learning this told his wife that he cannot stay hungry and pleaded her to feed him. ChandraBhaga replied that her father was very strict and said that not only the people but cows, elephants and other animals are also not given any food on Ekadashi day. Shobhan had to wait until Dwadashi for food.

Shoban was a prince and had never been without food was suffering from hunger on the Ekadashi day. Shobans health deteriorated by evening and was dead by next day morning because of hunger. ChandraBhaga wanted jump into the fires of her husbands funeral but was stopped by her father and started to live with her father.

Shoban by virtue of the Rama Ekadashi became the king of a kingdom on the mountain of  Mandrachal. One day a Brahmin Soma Varma visited the king Shoban and recognized that Shobhan was the the husband of their princess ChandraBhaga and was astonished. He enquired Shoban on how he got the kingdom and why did he not try to meet his wife. Shoban replied that this kingdom was only temporary and he did not want is wife to become sad once again as this was a temporary life.

Shobhan asked the Brahmin to help him make this kingdom and life permanent. The Brahmin went back to ChandraBhaga and narrated the whole story. He told ChandraBhaga that the kingdom and life were the result of observing the Rama Ekadashi Vrat and to make those permanent the virtue that was collected by observing the Ekadashi Vrat for a whole life has to be given. ChandraBahga immediately replied that she has been observing the Ekadashi fast since she was 8 years old and is ready to give the virtue to her husband.

ChandraBhaga gave all the virtue collected by her to herhusband. The kingdom and Shobhan by the virtue of Ekadashi Vrat of his wife became permanent. Shobhan along with his wife Chandra Bhaga ruled the kingdom for a long time and lived happily.

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