Purushottam Ekadashi 2012 Date

Purushottam Ekadasi 2012, Adhika masa Ekadashi, Purushottama Ekadashi date, 12th September, 2012

Purushottam Ekadashi vrat is observed in the Adhika Masam. Adhika Masam is also known as Purushottam Masam. The extra month  is added to Hindu Lunar calendar once in every 30 months and is also referred as Purushottam Masam. This extra month is dedicated to lord Vishnu.

Purushottam Ekadashi falls on the 11day of each paksha of Purushottam Masam. This year, Purushottam Ekadashi falls on Wednesday, 12th September, 2012. According to Mahabharatha Lord Sri Krishna Said “a person who observes this fast gets relief from all his sin and get his desires fulfilled”.

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