Purnima Dates 2023

Purnima Vrat dates 2023, Pournami Calender 2023, Purnima 2023 Dates, Poornima in 2023   

Purnima Dates 2023

According to the Hindu Calender Full moonday is called as purnima. Purnima is also spelled as pournami, punnami, Poornima. Purnima 2023 dates are listed in the table. Purnima day is known for its spiritual importance and significance.

Many special rituals and pujas are performed in  temples on the day of Purnima. Lot of important festivals are celebrated on Poornima. Full Moon day calender for 2023  is shown below.

Purnima Fasting Days in 2023

Purnima fasting will be observed by a few people on Purnima day or on one day before Purnima (Chaturdashi) day.

06 January FridayPaush Purnima
05 February Sunday Magha Purnima
07 March Tuesday Phalguna Purnima
05 April WednesdayChaitra Purnima
05 May Friday Vaishakha Purnima
03 June Saturday Jyaishta Purnima
03 July Monday Ashadha Purnima
01 August Tuesday Shravana Purnima
30 August Wednesday Shravana Purnima
29 September FridayBhadrapada Purnima
28 October Saturday Ashwin Purnima
27 November MondayKartik Purnima
26 December TuesdayMargashirsha Purnima

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