Process of visting the Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

Most of us visit Tirupati and Tirumala to see lord Venkateshwara also known as Govinda.

We either take a bus or go by walk and reach Tirumala from Tirupati.

Once we reach we go directly to the main temple see the Swamy, pay our prayers and return.

The actual process is to first visit Kapila Thirtham. Then proceed to Tirumala and

take bath in the sacred pond called as PUSHKARINI or sprinkle water thrice on our head(which is equivalent to taking bath) .

Then visit the Bhoo Varaha Swamy temple near the sacred lake, pray to him.

Why should one visit Varahaswamy first?

Because, when Lord Venkateswara decided to take the form of a statue and stay  on the earth, it was Varahaswamy who gave Lord Venkateshwara the land on which he is now residing and called as Tirumala.

In return lord Venkateshwara, said that all his devotees should visit Varaha Swamy first and then only visit him or else the visit is not completed.


After the Lords visit one should mandately see the VIMANA VENKATESHWARA SWAMY on the GOPURAM  of the lord .

Finally visit ALLIVELU MANGAMMA at Allivelumagapuram, which is very nearby to Tirupati.


Then only the piligramage of TIRUMALA is complete.


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