Pradosham 2031 Dates

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Pradosham is an important day dedicated to God Shiva. Pradosham falls on the 13th day (trayodashi) of every lunar fortnight. On pradosham days, devotees of Hindu God Shiva fast from sunrise to sunset and they break the fast after performing the Pradosh pooja. There two pradoshams in ecah hindu lunar month. one in waxing moon period and another in Waning moon period.

Pradosh Puja is performed on Pradosham time. Usually Pradosh kaal is the time period of 2 hours 24 minutes after the sunset. Pradosham which falls on Mondays are known as Soma Pradosha and those which fall on Tuesday are called Bhauma Pradosh and Pradosham which falls on Saturday are called Shani Pradosham.

The dates of Pradhosham for the year 2031 is given below. These dates may differ by a day according to location and other things.

05 January Sunday PradoshShukla Paksha
21 January Tuesday Bhauma PradoshKrishna Paksha
04 February Tuesday Bhauma PradoshShukla Paksha
19 February Wednesday PradoshKrishna Paksha
06 March Thursday PradoshShukla Paksha
20 March Thursday PradoshKrishna Paksha
05 April Saturday Shani PradoshShukla Paksha
19 April Saturday Shani PradoshKrishna Paksha
04 May Sunday PradoshShukla Paksha
18 May Sunday PradoshKrishna Paksha
03 June Tuesday Bhauma PradoshShukla Paksha
17 June Tuesday Bhauma PradoshKrishna Paksha
02 July Wednesday PradoshShukla Paksha
16 July Wednesday PradoshKrishna Paksha
31 July ThursdayPradoshShukla Paksha
15 August Friday PradoshKrishna Paksha
30 August Saturday Shani PradoshShukla Paksha
14 September Sunday PradoshKrishna Paksha
28 September Sunday PradoshShukla Paksha
13 October Monday Soma PradoshKrishna Paksha
27 October Monday Soma PradoshShukla Paksha
12 November WednesdayPradoshKrishna Paksha
26 November WednesdayPradoshShukla Paksha
12 December FridayPradoshKrishna Paksha
25 December Thursday PradoshShukla Paksha

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