Pradosh Vrat March 2014 Dates

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Pradosh vrat is observed on Trayodashi tithi. Trayodashi is the 13th day of lunar fortnight. This Vrat is dedicated to God shiva. People observe fast on this day, visit god shiva temples and perform pradosh kaal puja.

We have two pradoshams in each lunar month, krishna paksha pradosham and shukla paksha Pradosham. Pradosham which falls on Mondays are known as Soma Pradosham and those which fall on Tuesday are called Bhauma Pradosham and Pradosham which falls on Saturday are called Shani Pradosham.

Here is the Pradosham 2014 Calender.

13th March 2014 – Thursday – Pradosh Vrat – Shukla Paksha
28th March 2014 – Friday – Pradosh Vrat – Krishna Paksha

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