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Unlike other Indian states, Bengalis fallow Solar calender, their months are almost fixed according to Gregorian calenders. Poush is the ninth month of the traditional bengali calender. It comes between Agrahan and Magh Months. Generally it begins on mid December and ends on mid January. Usually it coincides with Dhanu month in other calenders.

Purnima That falls in this month is known as Poush Purnima. Poush Mela and Poush Parbon are the major events during this month.

As first harvest season finishes by poush month, farmers uaually have ample food and income. Poush is therefore considered as a good month. Poush mela is an annual exhibition celebrated in Santiniketan. It begins on seventh day of the poush month. Poush Parbon is the last day of poush month, different types of bengali sweets are prepared on this day.

Here is one bengali saying about poush month.

“For some it is the month of Poush, for others it is ruin.”

Famous Bengali writer Tarashankar Bandopadhyay mentioned about this month in his novel Ganadevata as a rural rhyme

    Poush-Poush, golden Poush,
    Come Poush but don’t go away, don’t ever leave,
    Don’t leave Poush, don’t,
    The husband and son will eat a full bowl of rice.

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