Pooradam – Eight Day of Onam

Significance of Pooradam , What is Pooradam ?, When is Pooradam?

Pooradam is the eight day of the ten day Onam festival.

Pooradam has a special significance as the deity is prepared out of clay on this day. The deity is called “Ma” and as it is prepared on the Pooradam day. It is also called as Pooradam Uttigal.

As per the ritual small statues of King Maha Bali and Vamana are washed and taken around the house. These statues will later be installed in the Pookalam that has been growing from the first day.

Small children known ad Poorada Unnikkal smear the Pookalam  with rice flour and the statues are placed over the smeared rice flour. From Pooradam day, the stautes are called Onathappan.

Also the Pookalam design increase further in size with respect to the Moolam day.
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