Parama Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Story of Parama Ekadashi, Legend of Parama Ekadasi

The Ekadashi that falls on the Krishna paksha of a Adhika Masa or the Eleventh day of the waning phase of the moon in the Adhika Masa or Mala Masa is known as Parama Ekadashi.

Parama Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Once in a city called Kampilya there lived a Brahmin by the name of Sumedha along with his wife . Both husband and wife were pious and god fearing. They were poor but used to take care of all the people who would arrive as guests to their house. They used to feed the guests first and if required used to starve. Sumedha once told his wife that he would go to a different city in search of job and would earn money, as living in poverty was very difficult.

His wife told that , God depending on our fate and the good deeds we have done in the past would grant us wealth. We might have done some sins in our previous birth and so today we are facing the consequences. She advised him that we would continue to stay in this city itself and do as many good deed as possible. Sumedha agreed to it and continued to stay in Kampilya city.

Once a sage by the name of Koundilya visited the city, and arrived as guest to Sumedhas house. Sumedha and his wife served the sage well. Koundilya was happy with their service to guests and wanted to help them. He asked them to wish for anything. Both husband and wife prayed to him to show them a way by which they can become wealth and do a better service.

Koundilya thought for a while and asked them to observe the Parama Ekadashi Vrat. He said that the Ekadashi that falls on the Krishna Paksha of Adhika Masa is known as Parama Ekadashi. The power of the Parama Ekadashi Vrat is to remove poverty from the life of the persons who observes it. It only removes poverty but also removes all the sins even from previous birth and would grant heaven.

He told that Parama Ekadashi Vrat was once performed by Kubera. Lord Vishnu appointed him as the head of the wealth for Gods. He is known as the richest God who even gave loan to Lord Sri Venkateshwara of Tirupati.

Sumedha also perfomed the Parama Ekadashi Vrat and was blessed with wealth. They spent rest of their lives by performing good deeds, and on death reached the Vishnu Lok.

Parama Ekadashi Vrat Vidhanam

The process of observing the Parama Ekadashi Vrat is very tough which goes on for 5 days.

  1. The vrat starts with bating early in the morning of Parama Ekadashi.
  2. After bath one has to do the Sankalpam in front of Lord Vishnu, by taking water and flowers in the hand.
  3. After Sankalp one has to spend time reciting Vishnu Sahasranama or other slokas of Lord Vishnu for 5 days
  4. On the fifth day invite a Brahmin and feed him. Bid farewell to him by giving him some Dakshina. After he leaves the person observing the Vrat can eat.

This would complete the Parama Ekadashi Vrat Vidhan.

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