Padmanabha Vrata

Padmanabha Vrat, Padmanabha Dwadashi, Padmanabha Dwadasi

Padmanabha Vrata is also known as Padmanabha Dwadashi, falls on twelth day of Waxing moon period in the hindu lunar month of Aswayuja (Ashwin). This vrat is observed with great devotion, spirituality, fasting and cleanliness. By observing this vrat one can get the benefit of 1000 Yagnas.

How to Observe Padmanabha Vrata?

Padmanabha Vrata Vidhanam, Padmanabha Dwadashi Puja

Padmanabha Vrat starts with Abhishek (bathing) the idol with the milk. during the Abhishekam devotees chant Namastey Padmanaabhaaya, This chanting should be continued during the puja with Sandalwood paste (Ghanda), flowers , water etc. Perform 108 offerings to Agni with a mix of til, rice and ghee. Perform Jagaran in the night with god vishnu keertanas.

Repeat the same Puja on the next morning, followed by dana to a Brahman with honey and dakshin.

This Mantra should be chanted during the daan is:

Padmanabha namastubhyam Sarva loka Pitamaha,
Madhu danena supreto bhava Sarva sukhaprada.

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