Onam date 2014

Onam or Thiruonam is celebrated on September 7th 2014.

Thiruonam which is commonly known as Onam is celebrated by the people of Kerala to welcome their king Bali from Patala Loka.

King Bali was known to have ruled the kingdom with dharama. King Bali performed many Yagas and Yagnas and was the most eligible person for the post of Indra.Lord Vishnu to help Indra, approaches Bali as Vamana and asks for three steps in donation. Bali readily accepts and Vamana covers the whole earth in a single step, the rest of the world in the next step and asks where to place the third step. King Bali shows his head, Vamana by placing his feet on the head pushes Bali to Patala Loka.

Moved by the donation of Bali Vamana offers Bali a boon to return to his kingdom once in an year. The returning of Bali from Patala Loka to his kingdom on earth is celebrated as Thiruonam or Onam

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