Onam 2013

When is Onam 2013 ? , Onam in 2013 date.

Onam is celebrated on September 16 2013.

Onam is one of the most famous festivals of Kerala. People of Kerala celebrate this festival to welcome their king Bali. King Bali was forced to Patala Loka by Vamana the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. King Bali was granted with a boon to visit his kingdom once a year.

The day King Bali visits his kingdom is celebrated as Onam.

The following table shows the different celebrations as a part of Onam:

First DayAtham
Secnd DayChitira
Third DayChodhi
Fourth DayVisakam
Fifth DayAnizham
Sixth DayThriketa
Seventh DayMoolam
Eighth DayPooradam
Ninth DayUthardam
Tenth DayThiruvonam

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