Narali Purnima

Narali Purnima, Shravan Purnima

The purnima or full moon day of the Shravan month is observed as Narali Purnima by Agri community. They are mainly based of Maharashtra and their main occupation are related to sea like producing salt, fishing etc.

Narali Purnima

Narali Purnima

Normally all the people gather at the sea shore and offer a coconut or Narial to the sea god. A coconut made of gold is supposed to be offered or devoted or left out into the sea.  Since a Narial is offered it has come to be known as Narali Purnima.

On Narali Purnima, these people worship the sea god and pray for his blessings. Since they are mainly dependant on seas, they show their devotion by celebrating this festival. It is also done to please the sea god to protect them when they are fishing in it.

After the celebrations are done fishermen go into the sea fishing after a halt given in the rainy season.

Shravan Purnima is also celebrated as Balarama Jayanthi, Gamha Purnima, Jandhyala Purnima ,Jhulan Purnima, Kajari Purnima.

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