Mitra Saptami 2012 Date

Mithra Sapthami Date, Margashira Shukla Saptami, Mitrasaptami 2012, Mitrasapthami, When is Mitra Saptami in 2012?, 19th December, 2012

Shukla Paksha Saptami (seventh day of waxing moon period) of hindu month Margashira is celebrated as Mitra Saptami. Mitra Saptami is dedicated to Surya Bhagavan, the sun god in Hinduism. This year Mitra Saptami falls on Wednesday, 19th December 2012.

On Mitra Saptami day, People observe fast, Visit Temples and perform daan (Donation) activity. Cutting hair and nails, using hair oil are prohibited on this day. Chaat Puja, Bhanu Saptami and Rathsaptami are the other festivals dedicated to Sun God.

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