Masa Durgashtami 2013 | Masik Durgashtami 2013 Dates

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Masa Durgashtami (Masik Durgashtami) is celebrated on the Ashtami tithi of Shukla paksha Every month. Prime diety of this day is godess Durga. The Masik Durgashtami in the month of Ashwin is considered highly auspicious, and also called as the Maha Durga Ashtami.

The dates on which monthly Durgashtami occur in 2013 are given below.

19th January 2013SaturdayMasik Durgashtami
18th February 2013MondayMasik Durgashtami
20th March 2013WednesdayMasik Durgashtami
18th April 2013ThursdayMasik Durgashtami
18th May 2013SaturdayMasik Durgashtami
17th June 2013MondayMasik Durgashtami
16th July 2013TuesdayMasik Durgashtami
14th August 2013WednesdayMasik Durgashtami
13th September 2013FridayMasik Durgashtami
12th October 2013SaturdayDurga Ashtami
10th November 2013SundayMasik Durgashtami
10th December 2013TuesdayMasik Durgashtami

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