Margashirsha Laxmi Puja Vidhi

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Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja is observed during Thursdays in the month of Margashirsha. This month is also known as Margasira and Margashira. This month is dedicated to God Vishnu. Thursadys of this month are considered auspicious for godess Lakshmi. Special pujas and Vratham is performed in temples, homes and offer special naivedyam to the godess on this day.

Things needed for Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja

Ganesha Idol, Lakshmi Idol, Gold / Silver / rupee coins, Rangoli colors, Rice flour, coconuts, betel leaves, Akshata, Sweets, Fruits, Common Puja and Aarti items.

Preparation for the Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja

On the eve of auspicious Thursday, women clean their homes and keep them neat. Cleanliness is very much important in this puja. People believe that Goddess Lakshmi visits only the clean homes during this Puja.

Women who observe this Vrat, wake up early in the morning and perform ritual bath. They draw special Rangoli designs (Laxmipaada Chita or the “foot of Laxmi”) to welcome godess lakshmi.

Place idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha in the puja area. Prepare Kalash for puja. Take a pot and fill it half with water. Decorate it with mango leaves or betel leaves. cover it with a coconut or red cloth. Draw Swastik on the pot using kumkum. Place coins near the idol of Goddess Lakshmi.

In Orissa (Odisha) people use a decorated a pot instead of kalash, made of bamboo cane used in the earlier days for measuring paddy (called Mana) and they fill it with a newly harvested paddy.

Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja Procedure

Observe the usual purification ritual before starting the puja like sprinkling water on the self. God Ganesha is is worshiped first. After performing Pasupu Ganapathi Puja, perform Lakshmi Shodashopachara puja and Ashtottaram and offer special Naivedyam to the godess.

After performing the puja the story of Margashira Laxmi puja is recited and Aarti is performed to the godess Mahalaskhmi. In some places Lakshami Puranam is also recited. Women who observe Margashira Lakshmi puja will be relived from all problems and Goddess Laxmi blesses them with prosperity, health and wealth.

Margashirsha Laxmi Puja Naivedyam

On the occasion of Margashirsha Laxmi Puja  different types of food items are prepared like Manda Pitha, Khiri, Kakara, Chitau etc.

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