Margashira Masam 2017

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Margashira masam is Ninth and one of the important month in the Lunar Hindu calender.  Full moon day of this month is known as Margashira Purnima and it is observed as Udyatithi Purnima, Battisi Purnima and korala purnima.Worshiping of Lord Maha Vishnu, Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Sun God in the month of Margasira is highly meritorious. Worshiping of Lord Hanuman and Lord Subramanya is also considered as auspicious.

This year Margashira month starts on 5th November 2017 and ends on 4th December 2017 in purnimant calenders. Kalabhairav Jayanti, Utpanna Ekadashi, Vivah Panchami, Gita Jayanti, Mokshada Ekadashi and Dattatreya Jayanti are the major festivals in this month.

In Amavasyant Calenders Margashira month falls between 19th November 2017 and 19th December 2017. Vivah Panchami, Gita Jayanti, Mokshada Ekadashi, Dattatreya Jayanti and Saphala Ekadashi are the major festivities during this period.

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