Manabasa Gurubar Vrat 2012 | Margasira Guruvara Lakshmi Puja 2012 Dates

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Margasira month is considered as the favorite month for God Vishnu and Godess Lakshmi. On Thursdays of Margasira month, Women perform Maha Lakshmi Vrat in temples and at homes. This vrat is mainly observed in Orissa and Andhra pradesh.

According to Purnimant calender fallowed in Orissa and other North Indian states, Manabasa Gurubar 2012 dates are November 29, December 6, December 13, December 20 and December 27. According to Amavasyant calenders fallowed in Andhra Pradesh and other South Indian states, This year Margashira Lakshmi Vratham falls on December 20, December 27, January 3, January 10 and January 17 in 2013.

Preparation for this Manabasa Gurubar Vrat begins from the previous night. The houses are made clean and entrances of the house are also washed. Beautiful kolams are drawn on it to invite the Goddess. Mahalakshmi puja is performed in the evening of the day.

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