Mahalaya paksha 2021 | Pitru Paksha 2021 | Shraddha 2021 Dates

Mahalaya Paksha Dates 2021, Pitru paksha 2021 Dates, Pitru paksha Shraddha 2021, Shraddha Paksha in 2021, Pitr paksha, Pitri paksha, Kanagat, Jitiya

Pitru means ancestors. Paksha is the fortnight time. Pitru Paksha is the 15 day lunar period dedicated to the ancestors. During this time people pay their homage to them by the offerings.

Mahalaya paksha offerings has the great significance in the Hindu religion. It is observed during the krishna paksha in the month of Ashwin (Purnimant) / Bhadrapada (amavasyant), Here is the Mahalaya Paksha calender for the year 2021:

22 th September 2021TuesdayPratipada Shraddha
23 th September 2021WednesdayDwitiya Shraddha
24th September 2021Thursday Tritiya Shraddha
25 th September 2021Friday Chaturthi Shraddha
26 th September 2021SaturdayPanchami Shraddha
27 th September 2021SundayShashthi Shraddha
28 th September 2021TuesdaySaptami Shraddha
29th September 2021WednesdayAshtami Shraddha
30th September 2021Thursday Navami Shraddha
01th October 2021FridayDashami Shraddha
02th October 2021SaturdayEkadashi Shraddha
03th October 2021Sunday Dwadashi Shraddha
04th October 2021MondayTrayodashi Shraddha
05 th October 2021Tuesday Chaturdashi Shraddha
06th October 2021WednesdaySarvaPitru Amavasya

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