Mahalaya Paksha 2012

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Mahalaya Paksha is observed on the Krishna paksha of the Bhadrapada month of the amavasyant lunar calendars or the complete fifteen days of the waning phase of the moon in the month of Bhadrapada. The meaning of Paksha is fifteen days and all these fifteen days are considered to be sacred for Hindus.  According to purnimant calenders Mahalaya Paksha falls in the month of Ashwin.

The sacred Mahalaya Paksha dates for this year are as follows:

30th September 2012SundayPratipada Shraddha
01st October 2012MondayDwitiya Shraddha
02nd October 2012TuesdayTritiya Shraddha
04th October 2012ThursdayChaturthi Shraddha
05th October 2012FridayPanchami Shraddha
06th October 2012SaturdayShashthi Shraddha
07th October 2012SundaySaptami Shraddha
08th October 2012MondayAshtami Shraddha
09th October 2012TuesdayNavami Shraddha
10th October 2012WednesdayDashami Shraddha
11th October 2012ThursdayEkadashi Shraddha
12th October 2012 FridayDwadashi Shraddha
13th October 2012SaturdayTrayodashi Shraddha
14th October 2012SundayChaturdashi Shraddha
15th October 2012MondaySarvaPitru Amavasya

During the Mahalaya Paksha, Tarpans are offered to the ancestors. It is believed that the ancestors would descend to the earth during the Mahalaya Paksha and one should appease them by offering Tarpans and performing the Shraddha. Pinda Daan is done to satisfy the ancestors known as Pitru Devatalu or Gods. It is believed that the satisfied ancestors would then bless the family with wealth and prosperity. Each day of the Mahalya Paksha have a significance and the last Mahlaya Amavasya is the most important. It is believed that even if one is unable to perform Shraddha during the whole year or during the fifteen days of the Mahlaya Paksha it is enough if the shraddha is performed on Mahalya Amavasya. If the thithi of the day on which an ancestor died has been forgotten then the Shraddha is performed on Mahalaya Amavasya. The other name for Mahalya Paksha is Pitru Paksha as it is believed that he deceased ancestors would live the Pitru world.

The story for observing the Mahalya Paksha can be read here “Legend of Mahalya Paksha”.

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