Lord Murugan or Subramanian or Karthikeya or Skanda


Murugan, Subramanian, Karthikeya,Skanda,Kukutadhwaja

Lord Subramania famously known as Murugan or karthikeya is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

There was once a demon by the name Tarakasura, who did great penance and got a boon where in only the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravathi could kill him along with other powers. With this boon and powers he conquers the heaven throwing our Indra and other Gods. All these go to Brahma and seek advice. He advices them to use Manmadha to get Lord Shiva marry Parvati.

Manmadha tries to move Lord Shiva, using his arrows of love but get burnt due to the ire of Shiva. But by the effect of the arrow, shiva gets attracted to Parvati. And emits a efflugence. This is given to lord Agni to bear who not able to withstand it gives to Ganga who also not able to withstand it throws it into a lake in the Saravana (Reed) forest. The lake is the form of Parvati, who is the only one who can bear the effulgence.  Then a child is born and as he is born in the Reed forest is called as Saravana.

This boy was found by six Krithikas(ladies), this boy had six head and 12 hands. As he was brought up by Krithikas he is called as Karthikeya. The six faces represent eesana, sathpurusha, vamadeva, agora, sathyojatha and adhomuga.

He kills the demon Tarakasura and in the course becomes the leader of the army of the Gods.

He cuts a demon Soorapadam into two halves, one part is formed as Peacock his vehicle and the other part as a Cock that he uses in his flag. Hence the name Kukutadhwaja(the one with a cock in his flag ).

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