Legend of Mahalaya Paksha

Significance oh Mahalaya Paksha, Reason for observing Mahalaya Paksha

The story of Mahalaya Paksha is related to Karna from Mahabharata.

Karna is well known for his selfless donations. After his death in the battlefield in the hands of Arjuna Karna was sent to heaven. Karna enjoyed everything in heaven but when it came to food he was offered gold and silver only. Gold and Silver cannot satiate ones hunger. Karna did not understand what to do with Gold and Silver and was feeling very hungry.

Karna went to Indra and asked him the reason for not offering proper food to him. Indra replied that, all the years on Earth you have only donated Gold and Silver  but never donated rice or food. As you never donated food, you will not be offered food in heaven.

Karna earnestly requested Indra that Indra should allow him to go back to earth and donate food so that he can have proper food. Indra agreed and allowed Karna to visit the Earth for fifteen days. Those fifteen days were the Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada month. Karna came to Earth on those fifteen days known as Mahalaya Paksha and donated food thereby attained the eligibility to have food in heaven.

Hence it is believed that the dead ancestors or Pitru Devatas would visit the earth during the Mahalaya Paksha. Offering them the Shraddha would please them and will help in seeking their blessings. Hence the Mahalaya Paksha are observed and Shraddha for ancestors are performed.

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