Legend of Chandan Yatra

Chandana Yatra Story, Chandan Yatra Katha

Chandan Yatra starts on Vaishaka Shukla paksha tritiya. We have a story about chandan yatra linked to Mahabharata.

During the time of Agnata Vasa (Agnyatabas), Pandavas were staying in disguise in the palace of king Virata. Arjuna killed kichaka and participated in a war in that time. Then Virata came to know that Pandavas are staying at their place and offered them friendship and pleaded them for darshan of Sri Krishna. Yudhishtira advised the king to arrange a tank and boat for the amusement of Sri Krishna.

To provide comfort to the Lord Sri Krishna, King virata offered fragrant water and sandal paste. Then Lord Sri krishna pleased with him and arrived with his elder brother Balarama. Lord Srikrishna, Balarama and Pandavas enjoyed bath and rowing. From that date, people celebrating Chandan Yatra with Pancha Pandava (Pancha Shiva Lingas) at Narendra tank.

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