Kurma Jayanti 2046 Date

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Kurma Jayanti 2046

Kurma Jayanti 2046

Kurma Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Purnima (full moon day) in the Hindu month of Vaishakh. It is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Kurma (Turtle) on this day. This avatar is known to be second avatar of Lord Vishnu and happened in satya yuga. It is also believed that Lord Vishnu lifted Mandara parvat on his back in this incarnation as Kurma. This year, Kurma Jayanti is on Saturday, 19th May 2046.

Kurma is also identified with Prajapati (brahma). Prajapati took the kurma form to continue creation. But Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as kurma is more popular. Few people observe fast on this day and special Pujas are organized in Lord Vishnu temples.

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