Kurma Jayanti 2025 Date

Kurman Jayanti, Kurma Jayanthi Date, When is Kurma Jayanti in 2025?, Kurma Jayanthi 2025, Koorma Jayanti, Kurma Jayanthi on Vaishakh Purnima, 12th May 2025

Kurma Jayanti 2025

Kurma Jayanti 2025

Kurma Avatar is Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as tortoise. This is the Second of ten avatars of Lord vishnu. Jyanti means birth day celebrations. Kurma Jayanti is the celebration of first appearance of Kurma avatar. Every year, Full moon day (purnima) of hindu month Vaishaka is celebrated as Kurma Jayanti. This year, it is celebrated on Monday, 12th May 2025. This festival is celebrated in a grand manner in God Vishnu temples , vaishna community and hindus around the world.

There is an interesting legend elated to Samudra Manthan behind kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu. Devas (Gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the ksheera sagar (Milk ocean) for the amrit. For that they used Mandara parvat as a churning stick, Vasuki as rope and God vishnu in the turtle form to keep the mountain afloat in the ocean.

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