Kudumulu – Vinayaka Chavithi Recipe

Kudumulu is a very popular Indian Recipe and Naivedaym for the God Vinayaka on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi. Vinayka likes this dish very much. By most Hindu devotees, the celebration of Vinayaka Chavithi is considered incomplete with out offering Kudumulu and Undrallu to the Lord.

Ingredients – Kudumulu:

1 cup  coconut which is shredded
1/2 cup of grated Jaggery
1 table spoon khus khus/ poppy seeds which are roasted
1 table spoon rice flour which would enable binding
a slight pinch of elaichi/cardamom powder
for the outer cover
1 cup  of rice flour
1 1/2 cup of water
1/2 table spoon ghee/clarified butter
slight or pinch of salt

Kudumulu – Method of Preparation:

For the filling:

•    Combine the grated Jaggery and shredded Coconut
•    Cook the combined coconut and jaggery on medium heat.
•    While cooking Stir continuously so that all of them get mixed properly
•    Add cardamom powder, poppy seeds and 1 table spoon of rice flour to the above cooked jaggery and coconut.
•    Cook for until all of them have been properly cooked.
•    After the cooking remove the vessel from the stove and let it cool.

For the outer cover:

•    The remaining part is preparation of the outer cover which has to be done very carefully.
•    The dough that would be prepared must not be either too sticky or too dry.
•    Water must be boiled until bubbles are seen.
•    Add rice floor while stirring. Add ghee, salt and oil also while continuously stirring.
•    Keep a lid and let it heat for some time.
•    After few minutes remove the lid and stir again to form proper dough.
•    Remove the vessel from stove.
•    Know knead the paste or the matter in the vessel either with hand or use a small flat bowl to do the kneading.
•    Knead until a soft and pliable dough has formed.
•    Divide the formed dough into small balls.
•    Press the balls like we do Roti or Puri but small in size approximately about 1.5 inch diameter circle.
•    Hold it in a hand and add the filling prepared above dough.
•    Applying oil on the edges of the dough would help it to bind when all the edges are brought together.
•    Bring all the edges together and form a peak like the  whole garlic or inverted cone.
•    All the Modaks are to be prepared similarly by filling the dough with the filling.
•     On a flat round sifter spread a damp cloth.
•    Keep all the prepared modaks on the cloth.
•    Place the sifter  in a steamer and cover it.
•    Let the sifter Steam for 15 minutes. saucepan or pressure cooker can be used if a steamer is not available. If pressure cooker is used please “Do not put the whistle on top of the cooker”.

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