Krishnashtami Date 2012

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Krishnashtami date 2012

Krishnashtami date 2012

Krishnashtami the birth day of Lord Shri Krishna is observed by Smarthas on 9th August 2012. Smarthas, look for a combination of Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Thiti at midnight and decide when to celebrate Krishnashtami.

Vaishnavites or the Vaishnava Sect Krishnashtami is observed on 10th August 2012. Vaishnavites give more improtance to Asthami Thiti. Hence the difference in dates.

Devotees normally observe fast during Krishnastami and would eat only after sun set. Deovtees would worship Lord Krishna and then offer Naivedyam. After worshiping Lord Krishna will the devotees eat.

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