Kedara Vrat Katha

Kedareshwara Vrat Kadha , Kedareshwara Vrat Story , Kedareshwara Vratha Katha , Kedareshwara Vratha Story

Sage Suutha narrated the Kedareshwara Vrat Vidhanam and Kedareshwara Vrat Kadha or Story to sage Saunka and others as follows:

The vrat that would give wealth and prosperity to human beings, the Vrat that helped Goddess Parvati to obtain half part of Lord Shivas body is the Kedareshwara Vrat. Sage Suutha said that he would now explain the Vrat Vidhanam. He also told that , a person who would perform this vrat for 21 times would be blessed with all the possible wealth’s in the word and would finally unite with the Lord Shiva after death.

Sage Suutha stated that, in this world there is  a mountain with outstanding beauty, a home for all the animals, beautiful trees, plants, rivers, lakes etc named Kailash. Every one used to pray to this mountain as this was the abode of Lord Shiva.

On this mountain Lord Shiva was residing. He was served by sages who were rich in all the six good Gunas(Shadguna), siddha Gandharvas, Kineera and Kimpurshas. Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati used to give darshan to all the gods and other around.

Once during such Darshan, all the gods like Indra, surya, agni, Nishankara and sages like Vasishta, Apsaras like Rambha, Urvasi, Saptamatirkas, Kumaraswamy, Ganapati, Nandi, Bhrungi etc were serving the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva ordered Narad and Tumbura the diving singers to sing. All the Apsaras like Menaka, Urvashi etc danced to the tunes of the singers.

At the same time a great devotee by the name of Bhrungiriti danced with great devotion towards Lord Shiva. But his dance was not in tune with the music and also was very ugly. All the gods started to laugh. Even Lord Shiva was amused.

Lord Shiva was also pleased that Bhrungiritis actions brought about a fun filled atmosphere and hence blessed him. As Bhrungiriti was blessed, he was very happy and did Pradakishna( to rotate around Lord Shiva praising him) and Namaskara only to Lord Shiva leaving Goddess Parvati.

Goddess Parvati was stunned and asked Lord Shiva that how could Bhrungiriti only do Pradakshina and Namaskara to him leaving her. Lord Shiva replied that Yogis need not pray to Goddess Parvati and praying to him is only enough for them. As Yogis had no benefit from worshipping Goddess Parvati.

Goddess Parvati was hurt with those words and she pulled off her power from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was with less power and was dull. Even Goddess Parvati was in distress and was becoming ugly. She left Kailasam and went to the Ashram of Sage Gautama to do penance. She wanted all the sages to worship her along with Lord Shiva..

Sage Gautama was out collecting fire wood, fruits, flowers etc when Goddess Parvati entered the Ashram(Hermitage). On returning Sage Gautama found a divine light emitting from his hermitage and was wondering on the reason for that. As he approached the hermitage he saw Goddess Parvati and understood the reason for the diving light. He then prayed to Goddess Parvati and asked Goddess Parvati the reason why she was here. She said that she was seeking for advice on any vrat, by performing which she can obtain half body of Lord Shiva.

Sage Gautama went through all the Vedas and Puranas and came up with the Kedareshwara Vratham. Goddess Parvati asked Sage Gautama to explain the procedure of performing the Kedareshwara Vrat.

Sage Gautama replied that, Goddess, this Vrat has to be performed on Bhadrapada Sukla Ashtami, by tying a Thoram made out of 21 threads to the wrist, then worshipping the Lord Kedareshwara, by fasting on that day, by iniviting a Brahmin for lunch the next day and from that day onwards the above procedure has to be followed until the Bhadrapada Amavasya. All this days, one has to worship Lord Kedareshwara by installing the Lord in a Kalash which has to be placed on a heap of rice grain. The Kalash has to be tied with 21 threads, silk clothings, and with gold or silver coins or as per ones capacity normal coins. Invite 21 Brahmins serve them by washing their feet and offer them a seat for sitting. In the above conditions install the Lord Kedareshwara and perform the Shodashopachara Puja. One has to prepare 21 kinds of recipes as Naivedyam to the Lord Kedareshwara. All the offering like fruits etc should be 21 in number. After the Naivedyam present the Brahmins with money as much as you can. This would please Lord Kedareshwara and would give you whatever you would wish for.

Goddess Parvati performed the Kedara vrat. Lord Shiva was pleased and granted her half of his body and thus becoming the ARDHA NAAREESHWARA. Goddess Parvati also requested that this Vrat be made known to all and who ever performs this Vrat should live happily. Lord Shiva granted this also.

After some time, a devotee of Lord Shiva by the name of Chitrangada who was a Gandharva, came to know of KedaraVrat and decided to preach it to humans. He went ot Ujjaini and explained this Vrat to the king named Vajradanta. The king performed the Vrat and became the ruler of Earth.

In the same town, there was a business man who had two daughters by the name of Punyavati and Bhagyavati. Both the daughters asked their father, that they want to perform the Kedara Vrat. The father replied that he was poor and at present cannot support their Vrat. The girls said that, he need not support them but wanted his permission to perform the Vrat. Father agreed.

The daughters performed the Vrat with whatever was available. Lord Shiva was pleased with their devotion and blessed them with wealth and prosperity. He also granted them with beautiful bodies.

Because of performing the Kedara Vrat, the king of Ujjain married Punyavati and Chola king married Bhagyavati. The father became rich and was out of poverty.

After some time Bhagyavati became arrogant and stopped performing the Vrat. Due to which the kingdom was lost in war and had to move out into jungles along with her son and husband.

One day she asks her son to go to her sister Punyavati who was the queen of Ujjain and ask for some money. The son visits his aunt and explains their condition to her. Punyavati moved by hearing the story, gives the boy lot of money. While returning, the money is robbed. The son again returns to the palacae and explains. This repeats for three times and once a voice tells the son that one who had insulted Lord Kedara can never attain wealth. This he tells to his aunt, who understands and makes the boy perform the Kedara Vrat.

After which she gives him the money and lets him go. On the way to home, the boy finds the wealth that was robbed previously. Because of performing the Vrat, the kingdom that was lost is also regained. All the people understand the importance of performing the vrat and from that day onwards, Kedara Vrat was performed by Bhagyavati every year.

Finally Suutha concludes that who ever performs Kedara Vrat as per his capacity would be blessed with wealth, prosperity, happy married life with children and grand children. And would finally unite with Lord Shiva after death. This was written in Skanda Purana which was written by sage Vyasa.

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